How do refunds work?

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Returns and refunds are subject to the refund policy of the partner store. Please contact the merchant directly to request a refund.


As soon as our partner store sends us a refund, we'll let you know. Your payment plan will be updated automatically and we will send you an email to let you know what has been changed.


Anything refunded to you will cancel outstanding payments first and then whatever is leftover is sent straight back to the payment method you used to originally place your order.


Sometimes refunds can be returned in installment amounts to reflect how the payments were made originally, so it's helpful to check for anything labeled "Wizebank," rather than specific amounts.


If you've received communication from the merchant that they've sent a refund, but you haven't received an email from Wizebank confirming a refund was issued, it can be helpful to follow up with the merchant regarding its status.


The payment method I used is now canceled or closed.

Due to industry regulations, we can only send refunds back to the original payment method. However, most banks and card companies have policies in place for instances just like this. If you have a new account with the same institution, they can often credit the funds to the new account. If you closed all accounts entirely, they may notify you of the credit or issue you a check. In all instances, we recommend reaching out to your financial institution directly, as they'll be the best source of information regarding their processes.


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