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You can find information about your current and prospective customers in the Students Dashboard. This includes their email, address, phone number, and their checkout status (e.g. Lead, Approved, Declined, Purchased).

You can use this dashboard to intelligently follow up with customers that are still contemplating their purchase decision.




Using the Students Dashboard

The students dashboard provides the following information:

Key Terms Description
Customer Name The customer's full name
Email The customer's email
Phone Number The customer's phone number


The customer's address
Region The region (province/state) where the customer resides
Country The country where the customer resides

This reflects where the customer is in the Wizebank checkout funnel.

The customer started the Wizebank checkout process but did not complete the application

The customer was approved for Wizebank but did not complete their purchase

The customer was declined for Wizebank and did not receive any payment plan options

The customer was approved for Wizebank and completed their purchase

Exporting Student Data

You can export all of this information using the 'EXPORT CSV' button on the top left of the dashboard.



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