Brand Assets & Logos

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Compliance Checks

Please review our Marketing Compliance Guidelines before implementing the following assets.

Please don't alter these logos or combine them with other custom content without approval from Wizebank. Please contact us at for approvals.

Give students the option to pay over time with Wizebank. Including Wizebank logos and banners early and throughout the purchase journey helps motivate students to complete their purchases.

Compliance Requirements 🚨

Keep the following in mind when using these assets:

  • Don't appropriate Wizebank content or imagery, such as in advertisements or promotion, without consent.
  • Don't mask or alter Wizebank's brand by 'white-labeling' our service as an in-house financing program or by changing Wizebank materials with different content, color, or design.
  • Don't alter these logos or combine them with other custom content without consent.

Best Practice 🎯

  • Include Wizebank logos anywhere Wizebank is mentioned, like product detail pages and the payment method selection in your checkout flow.
  • Include a Wizebank button on your product page to provide a shortcut to checkout where Wizebank is pre-selected as the payment method.


White on Orange - our preferred logo.

This logo version should be used on all branded items where possible in either pictorial or pictorial + wordmark formats.


Color (PNG) Black (PNG) White (PNG)
Wizebank_-_Color_Pictorial__PNG___1_.png Wizebank_-_Black_Pictorial__PNG_.png Wizebank_-_White_Pictorial__PNG_.png


Pictorial + Wordmark

Color - Transparent (PNG) Color - White BG (PNG) Black - Transparent (PNG) White - Transparent (PNG)
Wizebank_-_Color_Logo__PNG_.png Wizebank_-_Color_Logo_with_White_BG__PNG_.png Wizebank_-_Black_Logo__PNG_.png Wizebank_-_White_Logo__PNG___2_.png


Brand Colors

Orange for a community feel

White for a clean, fresh and light feel

Black is used in some versions of the brandmark for flexibility of application and where restrictions apply. It can also be used for body copy.


Light Blue
Orange.png Black.png White.png Blue.PNG Light-Blue__1_.png Wizebank-text__1_.png

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